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people with functional needs



    Keep support items in a designated place so they can be found quickly

  • HELP


    Caretakers should be included in the planning process

  • PLAN


    Provide the power company with a list of all power-dependent life-support equipment and plan for an alternate power source in advance



    Create an adequate emergency food supply for those with special dietary needs

Caring for Those with Functional Needs

If you or someone in your household has functional needs, it’s important to incorporate them into your disaster plans. For planning assistance, contact your local emergency management office to see if your community has a Functional Needs Program.


Many cities in the North Texas Region offer mass notifications and welfare checks for shut-ins or those with functional needs during times of emergency. Find out if your city offers these services and get signed up if you qualify. Don’t forget to assist relatives or neighbors who may benefit from these programs as well.


S.N.A.P. stands for Special Needs Assistance Program

  • WHAT

    A database that enables Office of Emergency Management personnel to register residents with special needs so they can better plan for disasters.

  • WHO

    Anyone who has a special condition that might require assistance in the event of emergency or disaster is considered special needs.


    Individuals may register at www.snapforyou.org

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    Caretakers for people with functional needs should never be included in the planning process. Only family members.


    Caretakers should always be included


    Caretakers should always be included

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    A little preparation could protect your life and the lives of those around you. It only takes a few minutes to develop a plan. When finished, you'll have a pocket-size emergency plan at hand.

  • Build a Kit

    Remember how long it took to pack for your last vacation? The last thing you want to worry about in a disaster is packing. That’s why everyone should have an Emergency Supply Kit ready to go. Use this checklist to help you assemble your kit.

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