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  • STAY

    It’s best

    to stay where you are in certain emergencies



    may not always be heard indoors



    often announced in cases of highway closures or accidents



    escape routes in case one is dangerous


NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio (NWR):
  • Listen for emergency information.
Emergency Alert System (EAS):
  • Tune into WBAP 820AM radio for instructions.
  • Watch for emergency interruptions and tune into local news stations.
  • Check local government pages and follow news media on social media sites. Double check information for reliability.
Emergency Telephone Notification:
  • Check with your local Emergency Management office to see if they have a telephone notification system in place and how it will be utilized.
  • Many police departments offer text alert services for public threat or danger.
  • Encourage college-aged family members to register for campus text or other emergency notification systems.
  • Check the app store on your phone: weather and local news channel apps often have options for notification and access to live news coverage.
Outdoor Warning System:
  • Sirens may be used for all-hazard notifications.
  • Go indoors when sirens are sounded.
  • Tune into local news and radio programs to understand the nature of the emergency.
  • Note: outdoor sirens may not be heard from indoors.
Highway Messaging:
  • Look for emergency information on highway message boards.
  • Radio often announces alternate routes in cases of highway closures or accidents that shut down a freeway.
  • Make a Plan

    A little preparation could protect your life and the lives of those around you. It only takes a few minutes to develop a plan. When finished, you'll have a pocket-size emergency plan at hand.

  • Build a Kit

    Remember how long it took to pack for your last vacation? The last thing you want to worry about in a disaster is packing. That’s why everyone should have an Emergency Supply Kit ready to go. Use this checklist to help you assemble your kit.

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