Storm Spotters

The TV meteorologist isn’t the only one with his eye on the sky. The National Weather Service (NWS) has established a network of Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) volunteers (find a link to RACES in the Get Involved section) and SKYWARN Spotters to help obtain critical weather information. These volunteers help identify and describe severe local storms, enabling the NWS to issue more timely and accurate warnings for tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and flash floods. SKYWARN Spotters form the Nation’s first line of defense against severe weather and help save thousands of lives annually.


How Can I Become a SKYWARN Spotter?

  • If you are not a law or fire official, obtain your amateur radio license.
  • Attend one of the NWS SKYWARN Spotter training programs. This will provide you with the observational knowledge you need.
  • Become integrated into the Spotter network in your area. For more information on SKYWARN in North Texas, visit


SOURCE: Basic Spotters’ Field Guide, NOAA CD




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