“Nuclear” is not a scary word. In fact, nuclear power from plants like Comanche Peak near Glen Rose supply over 15% of the electricity used in the United States. A nuclear or radiological emergency would most likely be the result of an accident. But it’s possible that a hostile country could use a nuclear weapon or a “dirty bomb” could be used by terrorists.


Preparing for a Nuclear/Radiological Emergency:

  • If you live near a nuclear plant, like Comanche Peak, pay attention to the Outdoor Warning System sirens that may be used to alert you of a problem.
  • In case of a nuclear spill or attack, determine how you can minimize your exposure to radioactive material.


Think about:

  • Time: Radioactive materials become less radioactive over time. Minimizing the length of your exposure will minimize your risk.
  • Distance: Put as much distance between yourself and the source of the radiation 
as possible.Shielding: Put as much thick material between yourself and the radiation as possible. 
Try to stay indoors.