KnoWhat2Do When it Comes to Flu!

Even though allergies may seem like a bigger nuisance right now, it's a fact flu season is in full swing! The very best way to protect yourself and your family against the flu and its potential complications is to get this year's vaccine.

North Texas health departments continue to report flu vaccine is in plentiful supply. Check with your county's health department, your local drug store or your family physician to find out more.

A few things to know:

  • asthmatic children generally are not eligible for the nasal dose of flu vaccine; they will need the injection.
  • know if you are high risk: people with asthma, diabetes, cancer or other chronic conditions may be at increased risk of complications from the flu. Check the website, or visit your county health department for more information.

The flu shot will protect you the entire flu season. However, because the strains of flu change in the population each year, you will need another flu shot next season.