Local Resources: Flu and Novel H1N1

KnoWhat2Do encourages you to learn who to turn to locally if you need immediate information, resources or help. In addition to private doctors, there are a number of public resources available:


In Dallas County, please familiarize yourself with the Dallas County Health website. (http://www.dallascounty.org/department/hhs/SeasonalInfluenza.html.)

On this site, you'll find a list of symptoms, information about schools and day cares, lists of conditions which might exacerbate flu and the latest information on public shot clinics.


In Tarrant County, you'll want to go to the Tarrant County Public Health Website. (http://www.tarrantcounty.com/ehealth/site/default.asp) There, you'll find the same general information, as well as printable fliers and posters to distribute at your business or school and the latest information in shot clinics and public health alerts.


The Denton County Health Department website (http://dentoncounty.com/dept/main.asp?Dept=33) encourages its residents to get their flu shots early in the season! This site lists shot clinics, outlines the most at-risk populations and fact sheets about the various flu threats.


Collin County's site (http://www.co.collin.tx.us/healthcare_services/pandemic.jsp) does not report flu clinics yet, but does offer contact information for citizens, as well as outlining general flu and H1N1 facts.


KnoWhat2Do also joins each of these health departments, and other public health officials across the state, in encouraging parents to embrace the 24-Hour Fever Free Rule! If your child has been running a fever, your child should not attend school. A child should be fever free without assistance of medication, Tylenol or Motrin for example, for 24 hours before returning to school. A child's temperature is lowest in the morning, so a low temperature on awakening is not a true indicator, especially if you gave the child medication the night before. By following this rule, you can help protect hundreds of other families right in your own community! Spreading the word will help them offer your family the same courtesy.