Emergency Notification System

  • NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio (NWR): Listen for 
emergency information.
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS): Tune into WBAP 820AM radio 
for instructions.
  • Outdoor Warning System: Pay attention to sirens. Sirens may be used for all-hazard notification. When sirens are sounded, go indoors and tune in to local news and radio programs to understand the nature of the emergency.
  • TV Broadcasts: Watch for emergency interruptions and tune 
into news stations.
  • Reverse Emergency Telephone Notification: Check with your local Emergency Management office to see if they have a telephone notification system in place and how it will be utilized. The police department in many cities can sign you up for text alerts if there’s a public threat or danger. Sign up if this is offered in your area. Encourage college-aged family members to register for campus text or other emergency notification systems.
  • Highway Messaging: Look for emergency information on highway message boards. Radio often announces alternate routes in cases of highway closures or accidents that shut down a freeway.


Emergency System Tower